Nigerian Scam Letters We Received


Fred Taylor emailed me via RSVP dating site here in Australia last 19th of March, 2009. I saw his photos in his profile at RSVP and he was so good looking with black hair, with a mustache and mixed race. I have been a widow for seven years and feel it is about time to start finding someone that I could be with , now that I am 61 years old.

Fred emailed me asking me what are my likes and dislikes in a man. I emailed him back and gave him my answers to his questions and gave him my telephone number and he rang me twice in one day via his sattilite phone. Within a week ,Fred asked me to terminate my RSVP membership as he is getting seriously interested with me and had also asked me to connect to chat messenger Yahoo. Fred emailed me with the photos of two dogs, two is Cheddar's, ( St. Bernard Dog) , one of his photo and two others with Chloe (collie) in bed with him and the other one was in the kitchen. He told me they are his only family. He is from Cleveland ,Ohio, divorced, no kids, both parents are from UK and they both died when he was first year in college. He went to US to be with his uncle who has is antique businessman. He left his uncle when he was 30 years old, started his own antique business, got married when he was 43 years old and divorced at 46. He is now 50 years old and just about three months only here in Australia last March when he emailed me at RSVP. Fred would chat with me in the morning, emailed me love letters and love poems and we chat for three to four hours a day when I come home from work. Fred emailed me beautiful love letters same as the ones I saw in his emailes to other women in this wedsite. He told me age does not matter and he likes Asian women better. On the 31st of March,2009 Fred Taylor told me he is living for Italy because he won a big contract to supply his clients in US some rare antique's. While in Italy, Fred would email me with all the love poems,long love letters, he is missing me so much and dying to be with me. He proposed to me three times while in Italy. He told me when he comes back to Australia we are going to get married, buy a house here in Queensland and will spend the rest of his life with me and we will travel overseas a lot because of his business.. Fred exchanged photo while we are chatting at messenger very intimate and personal. The following morning, Fred emailed me another love letter and attachment of the personal photo that I saw at the messenger. I noticed that at the background of his body there was a common dog ( one that you will see from the third world country). I did not ask Fred why was there a dog at the background when he is supposed to be in a Hotel room in Italy.


This is a typical letter sent out by a scammer.

I am a 52 year old woman who lives in Nebraska. After many many years of not dating and wondering if I would ever find "the man of my dreams", I was contacted by someone off of the dating site "" He claimed his name was Carl J Koestner and he was working over in Nigeria in an orphanage, because that is what he does in his hometown of Louisville, KY and he saw that they needed volunteers and deceided to go and help. We started talking in Jan of 09. After one month the dears, and babes started coming. And after 2 months the I love yous were all over the place. I was promised the love of a lifetime, even had pictures of him and his "son" that showed me a very handsome man, who professed to love me and only me and promised me a lifetime of happiness. All the words that he sent were supposedly straight from his heart. And this guy was good. Never once did I suspect anything. He even gave me his address in Louisville, and I looked his name up on People Find. Which I did find a Carl K. In Louisville. Then after 2 months the requestes starting coming. "Honey, I gave my money to the flight agent and saw that the prices of tickets had gone up and I am short 900 dollars." Can you help me out? And then the story about the flight agent who stole all of his money and the 400 I has sent and ran off. And even though I kept telling him to go to the consult because that is what they are there for, all I would get in return is "They will not help me. They say they will come and see me at the hotel, but no one has shown up" So still believeing that this man, is my true love, I opened and acct. so that he could have the orphange in KY wire his money to it and I could then W. Union the money to him, so he could buy his ticket and "come home to me" 1 hour after pulling the money from the acct, my bank put a freeze on the account. After calling them, they told me that the money that was sent was "unauthoriezed' Came from another bank, but it was not given permission to do so. So now I have to pay back 1850.00 to someone who probalby also got scammed. I consider myself a pretty astute person, and never would have thought that "I" could have gotten myself into this situation, but I did. And I want everyone to know that any Internet Dating Service is a very cautious place to be. I am sure that there are honest guys out there,but never again will I go on any sight, just to find a date. I would rather be single the rest of my life than go through this again...But I am more aware now and have no on to blame but myself. Want to know how good these guys are? If you ask for information pertaining to their jobs, hometown, and such and you go and find all of that, by internet, why should you disbelieve? Of course there is a Carl Koestner that lives at this address in L. KY. And of course therer is an orphanage by this name in L. KY. And of course the address and Orphanage name he gave me in Nigeria is where it is.....And the photos he sent me are of a handsome man with his son, but not something that you normally read. They were not pictures of models. Just an everyday guy.


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Many of you may recognize these emails as ones you have already been sent as well, but hopefully some of you who have not, will recognize it instantly as a scam, should you receive one yourself.




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