Nigerian scam letters we have received:


Dear friend

I know this email must have come to you as a surprise because we have never met before and what I am about to discuss with you here might sound very apprehensive , it is just an opportunity that come across one’s way in a life time and I feel I should make use of it. My name is Ms. JOANNA ELSON, I’m a chartered secretary and I work for British company called ROYAL COMMERCIAL HOLDINGS based in old Windsor Berkshire, United Kingdom. This company is a contractor to the United Nations (UN) and was recently awarded a contract to supply some vaccines used on animals for related diseases.

Presently, these vaccines are very expensive here in the United Kingdom but relatively very cheap from a source in Malaysia. The price of the vaccines in United Kingdom is two to three times more than the price in Malaysia according to my findings. If my proposal sounds interesting to you, this is what you have to do:

You will buy the vaccines from the source in Malaysia and sell to my company through my boss I will provide you his contact details. I will also send the seller's contact details in Malaysia to you too.
You should be prepared to share whatever the amount of profit you make with me
you should please don’t in anyway disclose the cheap source of this product that I will give to you to my company or disclose my company to the source in Malaysia.

I want you to know that I demand from you in totality assurance and sincerity in this mutual beneficiary business opportunity. A friend of mine have done such a business before but was betrayed at the end and never got her share of the profit till now and I don’t want such to happen to me. I do not have any particular person in mind I just needed somebody I can trust to enable me make use of this opportunity to make some extra money since my salary is low compared to the cost of living here.

Lastly, if you wish to take up this offer, please reply me on my private email and I will reply you with all the contact details of the source in Malaysia and that of my boss whom you will contact and send your quotation to when I must have given you the price to quote and my boss on his part will then issue you an LPO (Legal Purchasing Order).I will also give the price of the vaccines in United Kingdom for you to compare the price and see for yourself.


*What would happen here, should we have contacted this person, is that they would have sent us a phony check, which we were supposed to deposit in our bank. We were then supposed to keep the profit (to share with the person sending the letter) and the rest we were supposed to use to purchase the "vaccines". The vaccine company is a fraud, they are in fact, the person sending this letter. The phony check would be accepted in our bank, and we would send the "vaccine company" money from that check. The problem is, the bank won't notify us that the check is fraudulent for about 2 weeks. We would have already send out several thousand dollars, AND we would be RESPONSIBLE for covering ALL the funds from the fraudulent check! Yes folks, even though the bank may accept it, it is YOUR problem if it winds up a phony. You could even try calling the bank that is on the phony check, and they will tell you it is a good check, because the phone number is FAKE and the person answering the phone is in on the scam!

This website has even been solicited by these scammers. To see some of the emails we received click on the links below:







Many of you may recognize these emails as ones you have already been sent as well, but hopefully some of you who have not, will recognize it instantly as a scam, should you receive one yourself.



Additional Nigerian Scam Stories can be found on our BLOG which you can find here.







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