TAGGED.COM is Scammer Central!


TAGGED.COM has been brought to our attention numerous times because of the constant and consistent barrage of Nigerian scammers on their site. So many people have written in to us to share their experiences with TAGGED.COM and the scammers that fill their inboxes with emails in an attempt to establish a rapport. The Nigerian scammers have made TAGGED.COM a playground for themselves and use the site as the perfect place to meet their victims.

TAGGED.COM has reached a new low. My mother asked me to help her set up a TAGGED.COM account for her, and I did. I made her aware of the fact that there are many many Nigerian scammers on the website and she said she would be careful and if she got any suspicious emails she would let me know. This past weekend my mother returned from a cruise and decided to check her TAGGED.COM inbox while she was playing on her computer. She alerted me right away that there were 17 emails in her TAGGED.COM inbox and that they ALL looked suspicious. She told me how they pretty much were all from men under the age of 40 (she is over 50), they all looked like male models, and they all gave their yahoo messenger names wanting her to chat with them.

She said the emails were very similar to ones she had seen as scammer letters on my website. *DING*!! Scammer alerts! Suddenly out of no where she was bounced out of her account and when she went to log in the site said her account was canceled!!! TAGGED.COM gave my mother the boot but the scammer accounts were all still there!!

Can you believe this?

My mother is legit. She got HER account canceled. I was super pissed. My mom tried to write to TAGGED.COM to find out why she was given the heave-ho and found there was no way to do it without having an account!!! How could she write them if her account was canceled? She couldn't.

Well, I could. I set up a TAGGED.COM account immediately with my email address and wrote to them on her behalf. I explained the situation in detail and demanded an explanation or a re-instatement of her account. Two hours later TAGGED.COM requested an email sent to them from my mothers email account, which she did immediately. Guess what happened? NOTHING.

TAGGED.COM was given more then enough time to handle this matter, and they chose instead to do squat. My mother had an account for a very short time and other than one email every single person that contacted her was a scammer. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Whatever set off the alarm bells at TAGGED.COM to cancel her account is obviously not working properly, because it doesn't catch Nigerian scammers (or any other scammer) it catches my MOTHER instead.

If TAGGED.COM wants to become Nigerian scammer central, so be it. That is their choice. I for one choose not to use their service and warn everyone who does have a TAGGED.COM account to be very very cautious. If you want to internet date use an internet dating SITE (not that they are safe either necessarily) and avoid TAGGED.COM like the plague.







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