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This letter was written by a woman who had, what I later learned through others, a horrific, yet not unique experience.....................

I was writing to this guy *Dale* (not his real name) through an internet dating site. I liked his profile, and we seemed to have a lot in common, including the fact that we were both so sick of the games, had both been divorced, and had children. We corresponded endlessly through IM, letters and then on to phone calls after two months of keeping it on the computer. I thought I was being really safe and that we had built up an element of trust between each other. We finally decided to meet at a public restaurant, and we both drove separately, and I was really hoping this would turn out all right. We felt instantly at ease, talked smoothly all through dinner, and had a really great time. He walked me to my car and we agreed to meet again. We had several dates, and I had to go back to my home town to visit my Mom who was having a birthday party for my Dad, and I would be away for four days, and we agreed we would get together again as soon as I arrived home. I returned home and called him, left a few messages, and didn't hear from him for two days. I left him an email, and still...........nothing. On the fifth day I was on IM and I saw him and sent him "Where have you been? What's up" and what I got was a reply "Is this *Judy* ? This isn't Dale, this is his daughter, Maggie." I said "hello Maggie, your Dad  told me a lot about you, is he around?" To which she told me he had been at the mall over the weekend (it was the holiday season) and was trying to break up a fight in the parking lot and was stabbed!! I was so upset, and asked if he was ok! She told me she got the call from the hospital, went to see him and he told her to tell me he thought I was a great person, he really felt he finally met a special lady, and that we had our whole lives left to be together, and that we see each other soon. Then she told me he didn't last through the night, his heart gave out due to loss of blood and he died. I was beside myself and hysterical. I was inconsolable. My friends felt sooo bad for me, but what I did not know was MY daughter had a sinking feeling, so she called his cel phone (from HER cel phone) and left a message saying "Hi Dale, it's Victoria, give me a call back, I am really looking forward to to speaking with you. When she told me she did that I was like "Why?" And she said, I wasn't going to tell you BUT (and she made me put my ear up to her voice mail) listen to this................and I heard "Hi Victoria, its Dale, I am returning your phone call, and can't wait to talk to you either!" I never called him again, and although I don't wish death on anybody, what this bastard did was sick and cruel and inhumane.

Story #2.

I started chatting with a fellow I met in an internet chat room, and he said he was a teacher at a school and only could chat on lunch breaks and in-between classes (things like that) as he did not have a computer at home. We had a lot in common, both of us were divorced, and had custody of our children. He said the teaching job was great as the hours were great since his kids were in school he didn't need a babysitter or daycare. We chatted everyday and then started calling back and forth on our cel phones. We met for lunch and everything seemed to be great, we saw one another on Wed and Saturdays for about two months and I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and she said "Where does he live? What is his home phone number?" I said "He is embarrassed of his place, he hasn't had a woman's  "touch" there and its in shambles, and he doesn't have a home phone." She started putting thoughts into my head that he was MARRIED, and that is why I couldn't have his home address and why I couldn't have a home number for him. It really got to me, and I expressed my concern to him and he said he will bring his divorce papers over the next time we got together. The next 8 times we got together he "forgot" and yes, I know, I should have put my foot down, but I really really liked him. My friend asked me to get his license plate number, which I did, and she went to an investigative service, and they found out YES he was MARRIED, YES they were living together, and YES I was played for a complete FOOL.

Story # 3

This was the biggest nightmare for me. I met someone through a personal ad they placed on the internet. He said he lived about 20 min away from me, but right now he was on business at another location far away and would be back when the project was completed. We im'd each other everyday, emailed several times a week, and his sense of humor was great, he really seemed mature, just unlucky in love and that's why he hadn't found the right girl yet. We spoke briefly by phone, but since he was out of the country it would have been way too expensive, so we kept it mostly online. Four months had passed, he still wasn't home because the project wasn't completed (he expressed his frustration) and I was dying to meet him. He sent me romantic letters, wanted to read the poetry I wrote, and seemed really excited about meeting me too! One day I sent him an email and it came back as "blocked".  I almost died! I couldn't think of anything I did wrong, and was totally flipping out! Why would he block my emails all of a sudden? I went through some of the other emails in my inbox and opened one from an email address I didn't recognize, and it was from his PARENTS-seems he was 17, they were livid, and I was told to stay way from him from now on!

Story # 4

My internet dating experience was one I will never forget, and has opened my eyes to how anyone can get conned. I was browsing through the internet dating sites, and came across a few men that interested me. I was sending emails back and forth to several of them, taking my time to get to know them, and one by one they all fell to the wayside. One was really "all about sex", one lived too far away, and another just dropped off the face of the earth. All except for Stu*. Stu told me all about himself, how he was divorced and was looking for someone to be a real partner to him. He sent emails regularly, we had many phone chats, and he made arrangements to meet me in a diner close to my home. We met, hit it off, and the romance blossomed. He told me he never felt like this with anyone before, he felt he had finally found someone he thought he could spend the rest of his life with, and I was on cloud 9! One day I opened my email and my mouth hit the floor, it was from his email address, but it wasn't from HIM. His wife, who was suspicious, decided to do a little "research" on her own to see what her husband was up to and came up with not only MY emails but emails from 4, yes FOUR, other women!!! I asked to speak to her personally, and she agreed. She realized I had no idea he was married, so although she was mad at him she wasn't mad at me. She sent me the emails he sent the other women, and all of us got together through email and by phone and were shocked that this man had conned us all, and did such a good job! His wife left him and divorced him, I never spoke to him again, but have seen his profile still on the major dating sites, so be warned, he is out there!!


Story # 5

I Had been writing with "Jeff" whom I met in a gameroom chatroom. We had started just exchanging jokes back and forth and then started writing on a more personal level. He asked a lot of questions, seemed very interested in getting to know me, and I felt flattered. He seemed to really listen to me, and was always quick to write back, which made me feel as though I was important to him. He told me he had tried blind dates and joining groups to meet someone special but had had no luck. He remarked about how suprised he was to have met someone like me in an internet chatroom! Once again, I felt very flattered. He said his computer was going in for servicing and that he may not be able to email me for a while, and I instantly, without thinking, sent him an email with my phone number. We began to chat on the phone almost daily, and by the second week he told me he was developing some feelings for me, and had to tell me because he wanted to "be honest and up-front about everything, because that was the kind of guy he is". After another week we agreed to meet for dinner. We met at a restaurant at the halfway point between the two of us. He showed up at the place 45 minutes late, looking a bit disheveled, and told me he had come straight from the gym. We ordered dinner, had nice conversation, and it seemed we were both enjoying ourselves. When the bill came I offered to pay my share and he said "No, it was on him". He then went for his pants pockets and realized his wallet was not there, and told me he must have left it in his gym bag in the car. He said he would be right back and went out to get it. After about 15 minutes I started getting nervous thinking he was out there rummaging around trying to find it but having no luck so I told the waiter I was going to look for my date. In the parking lot he was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. He left me with the bill, and never returned my messages either through email or phone and I never heard from him again! I decided to try tricking him, and set up a new account and went to the gaming website under a new name to see if he would engage me, and lo and behold he chatted with me for a while, and asked for my email address, and started sending me jokes! I realized that this man was trolling this websites chatroom to pick up women, so I went into EVERY chatroom for a few months and chatted with as many females as I could and warned them of the game he played with me so he could not do this to another woman!


Story # 6

I am a victim of the Nigerian Scam that has been seen on Dateline.  It started the first of September 2007 and just ended a few weeks ago. I don't know how they chose this small town in Georgia but they did. This was the most handsome man I've ever seen on  I chose to e-mail him and he responded back immediately. He took his time answering the questions the site has you send the other person so we e-mailed a few times on this site.  But after the fourth time, he wanted me to e-mail him to his personal address on yahoo or hotmail and gave me his cell phone number in London. I waited a few weeks before I did that because I was not comfortable with that idea. I noticed his picture had disappeared and a newer one showed up. I e-mailed him to see if that was the same person and he said he had to change it because some young girl was harassing him and that there were a lot of weirdos out there. He claimed to be a civil engineer contractor who did work for a German Company overseas and that he traveled all the time. He said he was half German and even gave me the name of the company he did work for.  He claimed to have moved to this small town a few years back because his father died and he was taking care of the place. Whenever I asked him the address or his phone number here, he would change the subject or say we'd talk about that later. He claimed to have a mother and son in Utah and wanted to move them here when the time was right.  He claimed to have been divorced since 2000 and said his wife cheated on him, so I could relate.  Anyhow, he shared the same dreams I had and sent the most romantic e-mails I've ever seen in my life. He would not call on the phone very much and I thought it was because of his thick accent. I later on realized it was not German, but Nigerian. He also had me sign up for Skype and we were on line early morning before work, during work, and into the wee hours of the morning.  He had reeled me in hook, line, and sinker. Things changed when he suddenly had to do business with Chevron (so he said) and had to travel to Nigeria. Four days later we were on line and he didn't come right out and tell me but he had been robbed and everything was stolen. He needed some help to get to the American Embassy and said he'd have to fly to another city to get there. I kept asking him why couldn't he get the people he had been doing business with to help him or his family.  He said his mom had traveled to Germany and couldn't be reached and that he was suspicious of the business people and that the country was disorganized over there.  I gave him a number to call to get help and he said he'd called them and was in safe hands and in the hospital but wasn't allowed to call me until they checked his information out.  We were supposed to have met two days later. So I did try to send some money but it never worked. Western Union does not allow money to be sent to that country. He told me who to use and how to do it.  That was a red flag. He'd obviously been through this before. So I did send some using Money Gram and it did make it, but when he called that morning and needed the correct name I used to send it, he forgot that I had already provided him that information. I called the 1-800 number on the back of my receipt and a man with the same accent answered and said I needed to cancel the transaction. Luckily, I did and I never heard from him since.  So I was definitely heartbroken by someone I thought was who they said they were. It's an emotional scar you carry for awhile if you began to have strong feelings for the person on the other end. It makes you distrust, that's for sure.




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