Abuse Alert!


ABUSE ALERT PAGE 2 :  Signs you are being abused! Please read below for some telltale signs you are in an abusive relationship. Read before persuing a relationship on the internet or otherwise!


Your partner is abusive when they try to erode your self worth and confidence when they:

… Constantly attempt to humiliate you in front of others.
… Ask for your opinion, only to shoot it down and demand you "think about it again."
… Constantly doubt your ability to do things.
… Accuse you of being "too touchy" and "sensitive" to THEIR criticism - which never "constructive" but "destructive."
… Call you names.

Your partner is abusive when they interfere and try to control your career when they:

… Suggest that your boss is interfering with your marriage.
… Tell you what job you MUST take and tell you what you need to do.
… Constantly pressure you to leave your job.
… Tell you everyone you work with is dumb, stupid and defective in some way.
… Gets in the middle of your work conflicts and even tries to resolve them.
… Attempt to "help you" with your career and then becomes upset with you don't agree.

Your partner is abusive when they feel they must "punish you" or threatens to "punish you" when they:

… Give you "the silent treatment" and/or tell you to "figure out" why they are mad and what to "figure out" what YOU did wrong.
… Strand you somewhere.
… Yell at you and call you names.
… Lecture and talk down to you.

Your partner is abusive when they feel there needs to be a "discussion" regardless of your obligations or activities when they:

… Make you late for work or other social activities because they want to discuss something, which can usually wait.
… Decide to pick a fight with you at bedtime and then won't let you go to sleep for hours.


Your partner is abusive when they physically act out and they:
… Throw around items and/or break things.
… Threaten you with or use a weapon on you.
… Push you.
… Shove you.
… Slap you.
… Hit you.
… Trip you.
… Scratch you.
… Spit on you.
… Punch you.

Your partner is intolerant of children or animals when they:

… Refuse to change or feed the baby.
… Refuse to have pets or children in the home because of the mess or inconvenience.
… Treat their own children better than their step-children.
… Believe children don't deserve the level of respect or support as adults.
… Are cruel to animals.

Your partner insists that only THEY are the victim in the relationship when they:

… Mirror a situation and say that you are being selfish, rude, self-centered, uncooperative and more, when they are exhibiting that behavior themselves towards you and others.

… Insist they are trying to keep things together but that you are undermining the relationship.
… Threaten suicide or to kill you if you say you are leaving them.

Your partners ignores other peoples feeling and needs when they:

… Insist on eating fast food for dinner while you are on  a diet.
… Blares the television when they know you have a headache.
… Insist on eating spicy food when you have an upset stomach.
… Insists that you must help with chores when you are feeling sick.

Your partner takes no personal responsibility when they:

… Blame others for problems.
… Deny saying or doing hurtful things.
… Refuse to apologize for bad behavior.
… Apologize, but then continue to repeat the same hurtful behavior.
… Avoid duties, obligations, and debts and try to make them YOUR responsibility.







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